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Like many open-source products, Awka is only as good as its users demand it to be. I am only one person, not a team of developers, and neither am I an expert user of AWK. For Awka to become as stable, reliable and quick as it should be, I depend on people letting me know when they find bugs, suggesting ideas for new features, and showing where programs are running slowly.

I am very appreciative of the efforts folk have put in to help me improve Awka. It is the first open-source product I have released, and I was initially apprehensive, expecting it to be roundly criticised as the first version really was lousy. Instead, I've been pleasantly surprised at and grateful to the number of people who have given positive feedback and become active contributors, including (in no particular order):-

  • Eiso AB (eiso at
  • John H. DuBois III (spcecdt at
  • chris proctor (bil at
  • Matthijs van Aalten (Matthijs.vanAalten at
  • Finn Drablos (finn.drablos at
  • Phil Magson (phil.magson at
  • Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt (hhs at
  • David Lucido (DLucido at
  • Hannu Toivonen (htt at
  • Christoph A. Specjalski (special at
  • Jack Kuan (jack_kuan at
  • Peter J. Farley III (pjfarley at
  • Nethanel Elzas (nelzas at
  • Thomas Birnthaler (Thomas.Birnthaler at
  • Mick Donna (mdonna at
  • John L Cox (jlcox at
  • Michael Mauch (michael.mauch at
  • Wenshui Gan (gan at
  • Christian Haul (haul at
  • Steven W. Orr (steveo at
  • John Maybury (j.maybury at
  • Nelson H. F. Beebe (beebe at
  • Lothar Stache (lstache at
  • Matthijs Kadijk (matthijs at
  • Urs Meier (meier at
  • Igor Mendelev (igor at
  • Kenny McCormack (gazelle at
  • Jules Altfas (mwmc at
  • Arnold Robbins
  • Michael D. Brennan

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