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Open Source, AWK to C Conversion Tool

What is Awka?
Awka is an open-source implementation of the AWK programming language.

Awka is not an interpreter like Gawk, Mawk or Nawk, but instead it converts the program to ANSI-C, then compiles this using gcc or a native C compiler to create a binary executable. This means you must have an ANSI C compiler present on your system for Awka to work.

Please check the Bug Tracker page for details on existing problems in the current release. Also, the Specifics page has been updated, now containing suggestions on how to optimise the performance of your AWK scripts.


Bernd Klein has created a German guide to using Awka (along with other AWK-related documentation). If German is your main language you'll probably want to check it out :)

Unfortunately Awka hasn't received the attention it deserves. This is partly due to my day job leaving me with little energy to spend on it, and also due to other projects taking up most of my spare time.

0.7.5 is quite a solid release, but there is a growing list of bugs plus some components that really need to be updated. At the moment I can't foretell when I'll be able to get back to working on Awka, so I'd welcome offers to take over the maintenance of the project. If perchance this situation changes I'll certainly update this page.

Thankyou again to the many people who've contributed bug reports and given me positive feedback and encouragement over the years since Awka was first released!

Older News...
Release 0.7.5 inludes the neat network functionality introduced in Gawk-3.1.0, along with some substantial performance optimisations and of course some bu fixes.

As of version 0.7.0, you can write C functions and compile them into a library, then have these functions available for use in AWK scripts as if they were builtin. From now on, using Awka you are no longer bound to the limited AWK universe plus a few extras. You are free to extend functionality in whatever direction C allows you, and have this available within the concise, elegant AWK language framework. See the new Awka-ELM page for more details.


Awka is a Unix product. As such it has been successfully installed (to my knowledge) on the following platforms:-

  • Linux - Redhat, Caldera, Suse, Debian and PPC
  • Digital Unix (OSF/1) (gcc & native compiler)
  • SGI (Irix) (gcc & native compiler)
  • HPUX 10.20 (gcc & native compiler)
  • SunOS 5.7 (using native C compiler)
  • SCO OpenServer
  • MacOS X
  • Windows NT/95/98 using Cygnus or Interix
  • A Mingw32 port should be possible, however the inet features would not be available.


Awka is actually two products - the AWK to C translator, and a library against which the C code is linked.

The Translator is released under the GNU General Public License. This means it is available without charge and without warranty, with a few conditions attached.

The Library was previously released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, but from 0.7.5 onwards it too is covered by the GPL.

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