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Current (beta) Version: 0.7.5, 12 July 2001

Source Distribution

Please note some browsers will automatically decompress the file while downloading, which means the file you download will be about 2mb in size, and will actually be a tar file. If you find this happening, it is not a problem - your browser is cleverly saving you the trouble of running gunzip yourself.

Please check the Known Bugs page for details on existing problems in the current release.

Installing from Source

1. Download the above file.
2. In a terminal window, cd to the directory containing the file.
3. Type the following:-
    gunzip -c awka-version.tar.gz | tar -xvf -
    cd awka-version
    make install

The install will copy 'awka' to /usr/local/bin, 'libawka.a' and 'libdfa.a' to /usr/local/lib, 'libawka.h' and 'dfa.h' to /usr/local/include and 'awka.1', 'awka-elm.5' and 'awka-elmref.5' to your /usr/local/man tree.

Optionally you may also type make test. This will execute a long series of programs testing individual features of awka. If you see any errors in this stage, please don't hesitate to report them!

The following describe special configuration options. Most folk will not have to use these, but they are mentioned here in case you have unusual or critical requirements...

Binary Characters in Input Data

By default, Awka will not try to identify and 'clean' binary characters from input data by substituting them for spaces. This means a NULL character in the input, and possible other binary characters, may cause strange behaviour or even segmentation faults.

This was a deliberate trade-off in order to maximise execution speed, given the assumption that most input data should be clean. To make Awka remove dangerous characters, edit the config.h file, and change the line:
    /* #define NO_BIN_CHARS */
    #define NO_BIN_CHARS
Then re-run make and make install.

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