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Known Bugs

Generally I try to fix problems as soon as they are reported and eliminate them prior to the next release. Occasionally stubborn issues arise that cannot readily be resolved, or occur on platforms to which I have no access.

Below is a list of bugs that exist in the current version of Awka at the time of its release. Anyone is welcome to fix these and send a patch of course. If you spot a problem that's not on this list, please let me know via email (andrewsumner(at), or better still through the Sourceforge Bug-tracking Facility as then everyone can see what's already been reported.

  • The native C compiler under Irix 6.5 may produce incorrect output from libawka if it is compiled with optimisation at -02 or higher.
  • Various code inefficiencies exist in the regex and dfa libraries, as gcc -Wall will reveal. This code is from glibc and gawk respectfully, and I treat it as a black box - I've no intention of delving into it unless there's an actual bug.
  • avoid expressions like 'printf "%s,%s", var, fn()', where fn() modifies the value of var. When translated to C, the function will be called _before_ the value of var is read, causing the printf will output potentially the wrong results.
  • Numeric literals with a trailing 'e', example (x == 2e) will fail to be parsed, this problem inherited from mawk. Use 2e0 instead.
  • Awka doesn't currently support \y in regular expressions properly.
  • 8-bit characters in the range \370 to \377 in regular expressions will cause the expressions to return inaccurate results.
  • On some platforms (AIX, Rhapsody and Darwin, all with gcc) the shared library is failing to compile, complaining about unresolved links. If this is happening to you, remove the instructions for building from lib/Makefile.
  • Serious problems have been reported using Awka on Tru64, using the native C compiler. If you can help resolve this please let me know!

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