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Awka - Future Plans

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread...

Listed in (current) order of priority :-
  • Continue eliminating bugs. If you find one, make sure you report it as maybe no-one else will!

  • Improvements to library performance, based on real usage as reported by users. If you find your code is running slower than Mawk/Gawk, why not forward an example to me. I have no idea how fast Awka is compared to Tawk.

    The Comparisons page was created to provide some measurement of relative performance - any contributions to this would be most welcome.

  • Warning messages that help you track down common bugs in writing large AWK programs, such as the dreaded variable-name typo. The first few messages are there and go a long way towards helping with this, but there are more to be done.

  • More efficient, complete and elegant C language generation, including nice things like generation of commented code, and preservation of AWK program comments.

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